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About Us

CEEX: for a sustainable power supply

Electromobility, heat pumps, an increase in electrical appliances: we need more and more electricity, which - and this is the good news - we are increasingly obtaining from renewable energy power production. However, wind power and photovoltaics depend on the weather and do not constantly supply the same amount of electricity. This may cause bottlenecks or overloads in the power supply.

More flexible power supply management

The challenge of a stable power supply therefore involves sufficient production - ideally from sustainable sources - but also adequate distribution: in order to ensure a reliable electricity supply in the future, grid operators must be able to manage demand and supply more flexibly. This is precisely what the CEEX project aims to achieve with the help of Migros Pioneer Fund: AI-based software and a flexible pricing system will enable local electricity grid operators to better balance electricity production and consumption. The software creates the necessary interfaces for that. For example, it enables private households or companies with photovoltaic installations to feed the electricity generated, but not required for their own use, into the grid at attractive prices.

Driving the energy transition

The aim of CEEX is to reduce distribution bottlenecks and relieve the pressure on Switzerland's electricity grid. At the same time, the exploitation of renewable energies is to be ensured and attractive pricing is to create incentives to increasingly integrate them into the grid in order to drive the energy transition.

Meet The Team:

Bild_Nicolas Isnard_edited.png

Nicolas Isnard
Energy Expert and Engineer, Co-founder


Dr. Christian Dollfus
CEO and Founder

Axel Kullmann  
Energy market expert/ Energy trader
Co Founder 

Bild_Michael Sacher.jpg

Michael Sacher 
Developer, Engineer, Energy Expert

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