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CEEX enables new business models within and between energy communities


CEEX explained

Rising energy prices, running short of energy sources and green power "greenwashing" - the Swiss energy market is facing increasingly serious challenges. In this market, which is characterised by uncertainty, new, independent models in energy production and distribution are required. 

Independent energy communities have great potential here - made possible by the planned new regulation of the electricity market. They should offer economic advantages, promote competition among themselves and at the same time contribute to grid stability.


This is exactly what CEEX wants to achieve. CEEX is an energy trading platform that enables private households, among others, to store, buy and sell their own sustainably produced energy among themselves. Thanks to a powerful algorithm developed with ETH Zurich, prices are calculated in real time, individual trading strategies are made possible and the best electricity price for each player is guaranteed.


Whether solar panel owner or responsible consumer, CEEX puts private producers and consumers at the centre, uses the power of the community and actively drives the energy transition - for a sustainable, fair and independent energy market.

Key Messages

The most energy-efficient ecosystem

The CEEX platform is based on a dynamic, virtual network typology consisting of nodes and edges. Nodes represent either individual producers, consumers or an entire neighbourhood community, while edges connect the nodes with each other. This makes it possible for not only individual households to trade energy with each other, but also for entire neighbourhood communities to trade energy with each other in order to keep demand and need in balance and thus contribute to grid stability in the best possible way. 

renewable-energy (1).png

Balancing economy and ecology

Before electricity market liberalisation, producers and consumers were forced to trade their energy with electricity suppliers - often at unfavourable prices. CEEX allows producers to sell their surplus solar power at a profit and consumers to buy their power at more attractive prices.  Consumers know exactly where the electricity they buy comes from - the fight against "greenwashing"!

Fair prices – for everyone

The electricity price of a neighbourhood community is primarily calculated from the prices of the producers located in this community according to the so-called "merit order" principle. The following applies: The greater the electricity flow, the more weight is given to the desired price. In addition, the prices and electricity availability of the other communities as well as electricity transport costs are included in the price-setting mechanism.

Tailored trading tactic

The so-called "never-loose" strategy takes the values from the local electricity company and makes the trade fully automatic so that a loss never occurs: if the price is between the feed-in tariff and the electricity tariff, the consumer and the producer profit (see graphic below). 
If the price at CEEX is outside these limits, the system automatically switches to "basic supply", i.e. the electricity is then purchased from the local electricity seller and/or fed in.

Consumers and Producers profit from CEEX:

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