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01 / realtime

The CEEX service is an exchange platform for power delivering actual prices in realtime in every virtual network node.
CEEX performs a "Merit Order" of offers in a p2p powermarket in realtime

02 / innovative

The CEEX service is a complete new peer-to-peer exchange approach to deal with local energy consumption and selling, and at the same time, to enable grid load steering capacity based on dynamic grid tariffs

03 / m2m

the CEEX Service is a full machine-to-machine service working without any human interaction if parametrized once. Implicit capacity steering of the grid is possible on a full automatic device basis

CEEX is based on a virtual graph technology with nodes and edges enabling dynamic and realtime transport prices which influence the merit order and hence support grid balance


Physical grid and power producers & consumers

CEEX grid digital twin

Households, devices, producers and cunsumers are represented by nodes, interconnected by connecting edges 


Example of an existing region which is modeled by ceex according the physical grid on gridlevel 7

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